Enhance the quality of life and emotional/cognitive health

It can be extremely challenging and frustrating to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s and Dementia, especially if you have no prior training, certification, or knowledge in this field. In this case, you can rely on us to care for your loved ones. Uniquely Supreme Living Services, LLC is a leader in cognitive health. All of our uniquely supreme living caregivers have a certification in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care; we do not assign a caregiver without this proper certification. Our staff and uniquely supreme living caregivers understand that patience is required, along with the highest form of respect to all of our clients. Uniquely Supreme Living Services LLC absolutely prohibits discrimination and abuse.

  • Stress-Free Mindset for the family
  • Consistency- Extremely important for individuals with dementia who can have a negative experience to inconsistent staff or lack of familiarity.
  • No Guilt Zone- We are here for you; there is nothing to feel guilty about. Uniquely Supreme Living Services, LLC is your new family and trusted professional home care provider.
  • Comfort in your favorite place (home). Patients with dementia respond well in a stable environment with an established routine.

Types of In-Home Services
In-home care includes a broad range of services provided in the home rather than in a hospital or care community, thus, allowing the person with Alzheimer’s or other dementia to stay in his/her own home. It also can be of great assistance to caregivers.

Not all in-home services are the same. Some in-home services provide non-medical help, such as assistance with daily living.

Common Types of In-Home Services

  • Companion services: Help with supervision, recreational activities, or visiting.
  • Personal care services: Help with bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, exercising, or other personal care.

How This Program Works

Your Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care program starts with an in-depth assessment and discussion with our uniquely supreme living specialist and case managers. We work proactively with you and your family members to tailor a care plan that suits your needs and preferences as well as your financial budget. Then, we pair you with one of our uniquely supreme living caregivers who matches your preferences, your lifestyle and your needs.

Consistent Care and Constant Monitoring
for Your Overall Health and Well-Being

Our uniquely supreme living caregivers and your care are constantly monitored by our uniquely supreme living specialist and case managers. They oversee the delivery and quality of services provided to every individual we serve. This way, we can ensure that our services are provided using innovative and the highest care standards in the industry. Should there be a need for modifications, our uniquely supreme living caregivers will make sure that they attend to it immediately. These modifications shall be reported to our case managers and our uniquely supreme living specialist, and you and your family members will be informed as well. We will eliminate any stressors to give you the comfort and convenience you need, helping you achieve your short-term and long-term health goals in the long run.

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