Constipation Is Detrimental to Senior Health


Constipation is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. This is referred to as having three or fewer bowel movements within a week. Because our bodies need to constantly digest and expel various wastes, not being able to do so will cause health risks that can lead to severe consequences if not treated immediately. For seniors, this can be very dangerous.

Our home care provider in Pennsylvania suggests observing your senior’s bowel movement. Questions to ask your senior include:

  • Do they have a hard time passing stool?
  • Is their stool hard and lumpy?
  • Do they feel like they haven’t completely emptied their bowels?

If they answered ‘yes’ to most of the questions, then they are most likely experiencing constipation. If not treated immediately, constipation can lead to detrimental risks, such as hemorrhoids, bowel impaction, and bowel incontinence: all of which can cause severe discomfort and pain.

To help prevent constipation for your senior loved one, our home care in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, suggests creating healthier lifestyle choices, especially concerning their diet. If you cannot do this yourself, our caregivers will be more than happy to comply.

Healthy meal preparation can help your elderly loved one improve their digestion and overall well-being. Adding fiber to their diet and staying hydrated can significantly improve their gut health. Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are great sources of natural fiber and countless minerals and vitamins.

Aside from that, constipation can also be prevented by keeping your senior active. Living a sedentary lifestyle can increase their probability of constipation. Regular activity exercises the stomach, which allows it to become more active and perform better.

Uniquely Supreme Living Services LLC offers supreme care services that aim to improve your senior’s quality of life. For more information, call us!

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