Preparing for Post-Surgery Care at Home for Seniors


Recovering after surgery requires patience, safety, and effort. Seniors who underwent surgery in Pennsylvania may rely on home care in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania. Home care is a reliable solution for post-surgery care for seniors staying at home.

However, it also takes effort to prepare the home for it to be conducive for home care. If you are preparing a conducive post-surgery care environment in your loved one’s home, here are some tips you may follow:

  • Remove barriers that may affect mobility

    Is your loved one’s home filled with unnecessary items (appliances, pieces of furniture, books, etc.) that can affect how they move at home? If yes, it is time to remove or place them in a different area. However, some items are irremovable or untransferable to a different location. In that case, your loved one may need mobility and ambulation assistance provided by a home care provider in Pennsylvania

  • Manage meals and nutrition

    Meals and nutrition are part of recovery. Meals supply the necessary nutrition aiding with tissue repair, immunity, and strength recovery. Meal preparation is a crucial factor for post-surgery care. If you need assistance with meal preparation, you can rely on home care providers. 

  • Seek assistance for personal care

    If your senior loved one cannot perform personal care because of pain and wounds, you can seek personal care services. Personal care services can temporarily aid your loved ones with activities such as bathing and grooming. 

Do your part to help your loved one recover after surgery. Do not be hesitant to seek help. If you are living in Pennsylvania, both you and your loved one can benefit from our supreme care services at Uniquely Supreme Living Services LLC. Reach out to us now!


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